Average Rental Rates In Cobb County Georgia

This blog post is inspired by the many replies I received to my Craigslist ad titled “Now Renting In Cobb”.

The ad is for available rental homes in Cobb County Georgia. I got a wealth of responses, which is what I wanted, but most of the interested potential Tenants have not researched to find out what they can get in their price range in Cobb County. So I’m doing the research for you.

These rates are the average rental rates for homes that have leased in the last 30 days separated by bedroom size.

The average rent price for a 1 bedroom rental in Cobb County is $700

The average rent price for a 2 bedroom rental in Cobb County is $1,002

The average rent price for a 3 bedroom rental in Cobb County is $1,254

The average rent price for a 4 bedroom rental in Cobb County is $1,650

The average rent price for a 5 bedroom rental in Cobb County is $2,000

If you need assistance finding a great house to rent anywhere in Cobb County please feel free to contact me for assistance.

Keep in mind most landlords require the total household monthly income to be at least 3 times the rent amount and if your credit scores are low you may have to offer a higher deposit to be successful.

I hope this information is helpful to all and if you have questions about buying, selling, investing or property management in the entire metro Atlanta area, feel free to contact me.

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Custom Built Homes In The Herron Creek Community

The Herron Creek community is located in the highly sought after Camp Creek area of Atlanta Georgia, situated off of Butner Rd. & Camp Creek Pkwy., you’ll be delighted to be conveniently located to so many Atlanta hotspots.

The community boasts over 80 custom built homes with superb amenities to accommodate several interests, including a clubhouse, pool, tennis & sidewalks.

Contact me today for a tour of the available homes for sale in this spectacular community.

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$100 homes for sale in Georgia

I’ve conveniently compiled a list of some of the HUD approved $100 down homes if you’re looking to buy a house in Georgia that is HUD owned. All HUD registered Agents/Brokers can submit a bid on a HUD home for you, if you don’t have an Agent, I’d be more than happy to assist you. Visit my real estate website to see other homes for sale in Georgia with pictures and virtual tours, no registration required.

Fair Housing

432 Pine Valley Drive Powder Springs Georgia 3BR 2BA $74k

3102 Blue Heron Powder Springs Georgia 3BR 2BA $55k

118 Carnes St Marietta Georgia 2BR 1BA $28k

1821 Waldrop Circle Marietta Georgia 2BR 1BA $19k

33 Smyrna Powder Springs Rd Marietta Georgia 2BR 1BA $42k

3257 Shadowridge Dr Marietta Georgia 3BR 2BA $49k

1341 Banberry Rd Marietta Georgia 2BR 1BA $35.200

4252 Pentworth Ln Kennesaw Georgia 3BR 2BA $115k

1777 Willow Branch Kennesaw Georgia 2BR 2BA $98,800

92 NE Hawkins Store Rd Kennesaw Georgia 4BR 1BA $55k

1437 Shiloh Way NW Kennesaw Georgia 3BR 2BA $52k




High Rise Condos For Sale In Dekalb County Georgia

Our MLS database has 51 listings of available condominiums for sale in high rise buildings.

These homes are in Dekalb County Georgia including the cities of Atlanta, Decatur, Dunwoody and Lithonia.

Most of them have superb amenities including maid service, concierge, pool, fitness center, business center, spectacular views, laundry service and more!

Most of them are also convenient to the CDC, Emory University, Dekalb Medical Center, the VA Hospital and Downtown Decatur.

If you’re shopping for a condo in metro Atlanta, I’d be delighted to assist you as your Agent of choice.

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My Real Estate Agent Is Lying, I’ll Call The Listing Agent Myself

Umm NO, it’s not likely that YOUR Agent is lying to you, they’re just not telling you what YOU want to hear.

The Listing Agent is the Seller’s Agent and guess who their client is? The Seller! They have duties to the Seller to act in the Seller’s best interests.

Now, do you REALLY think you’ll get an unbiased answer from the Listing Agent?

If your Agent is telling you the home isn’t available, even after you see that the listing is showing that  it’s active. It doesn’t mean your Agent is lying, it may just mean it’s not available for you. It may not be in your price range; It may not qualify for YOUR loan type-yes YOUR mortgage loan type can restrict your home purchase; it mignt not be able to close in your desired time frame (short sale, etc.)

I’ve had 3 home buyers in the last couple of months THINK they have the staying power and patience to wait for an answer on a Short Sale, and guess what? 2 months after the Seller signs our offer, they’re off looking for a different home to buy.

So home buyers trust your Agent and don’t think we’re always lying, why would we? We have a duty to act on behalf of YOUR best interests!

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Buying A Home In Marietta GA? Here’s The Info YOU Need To Know

I have compiled a report with great information home buyers need to know if they’re considering purchasing a home in Marietta Georgia. The information is compiled from both mls databases that real estate professionals have access to.

The information is based on Single Family Detached homes with a minimum of 4 bedrooms 3 full baths in Marietta GA from the last 30 days.

In the MLS database there are currently 160 active home listings ranging in price from $67,000-$1,500,000 in the MLS database there are 170 active home listings ranging in price from $38,610-$2,900,000. These listings don’t include homes that are under contract, contingencies or pending existing lender approval.

In the MLS database there are 4 homes that are contingent with due diligence, 2 homes that are contingent other, 1 home that is pending existing lender approval, 5 homes that have been withdrawn from the market and 13 homes that are pending sale.

In the MLS database there are 10 homes that are pending existing lender approval, 17 homes that have had a price reduction, 5 homes that have had extended listing periods, 9 homes that are back on the market, 76 homes that are pending sale, 71 homes that have expired and 36 homes that have been withdrawn from the market.

In the MLS database there are 329 Marietta GA homes that have sold ranging in price from $11,118-$1,375,000 the sold homes include all bedroom and bathroom sizes in the last 30 days.

In the MLS database there are 90 homes that have sold ranging in price from $53,900-$1,099,000 these homes all have a minimum of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

If you’re in the market to buy a house in Marietta GA I’d be happy to help you get the home of your dreams at a great price!

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“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity,
the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”

What Is Proof of Funds?

Why we ask our real estate home buyer prospects/customers/clients for Proof of Funds=bank/financial statements(if they’re paying with cash), pre-qual letters(if they’re getting financed) to buy a home and 2-3 months of check stubs(if they’re getting a rental). 

I’ll give you three scenarios below and explain which ones are typically acceptable. 

  1. Someone finds my name and number on one of the many real estate websites out there.
    They call me interested in a certain address and ask me to go show them the inside of the home. They sound nice so I agree to meet them at the home to show them the inside. They don’t like it and want to see others. I end up showing them 12 other homes until they find one they want to put an offer on. I give them a lender’s phone number to call and get pre-qualified so we can submit an offer on the home. It turns out that they can’t get pre-qualified because they haven’t been on their job long enough. The end result is I’ve spent about $250 out of my own pocket to show this person homes and they will not be able to close at the present time. It will be good to have them as a long term client/prospect but originally we were thinking they could close in the near future.*This scenario is not acceptable because they had their hearts set on this one home and most likely it will not be available by the time they are able to qualify and there’s no guarantee that they’ll stick with me until they can qualify.*
  2. Someone calls me interested in seeing homes, I ask them to fax or email me a copy of their pre-qualification letter or account statement. They comply with my request because they understand that all sellers these days require proof of funds when we present them an offer and this is a serious buyer who really wants a home at this time. We see 7 homes until they find one they like. We submit an offer, the seller accepts it and we proceed to the closing. There are a couple of small glitches that I work through for them and we do eventually close on the home and they get the keys. I have happy clients who are now enjoying their new home. *This scenario is acceptable because the clients are happy in their new home.*
  3. Someone emails me interested in seeing homes. They send me proof of funds, sign a contract with me, we see 2 homes until they find one they like. We submit an offer, the seller accepts it and we proceed to close. One day before closing the lender denies the loan, although they pre-qualified the buyers in the beginning. *This scenario is acceptable because we all put in 100% effort to get them into the home of their dreams but the financing didn’t work out.*

If I already have appointments in your desired area or the home you want to see is nearby, I usually will do a courtesy showing without requesting anything from you, it just depends. Also if you know your DTI, FICO and have good employment history I will do courtesy showings. 

My question to the “looky loos”- Why would you use YOUR time looking at homes that you can’t buy?

Delays Delays & More Closing Delays

So you’re thinking about buying a home in GA, you may be a first time home buyer and you may not be. Either way, you’re gonna need a lot of patience if you’re getting a mortgage loan to pay for the home and not cash.

You and your real estate agent find a great house that you adore and you want to make an offer on it. Your buyer’s agent writes up the purchase and sale agreement for you to sign.

The seller accepts your offer, what’s next?

Patience, paperwork, delays, more patience and paperwork, appraisals, inspections, repairs, more patience, paperwork, delays.

Are you ever gonna get to closing, hopefully so, after the lender goes through every minor detail about the house with a fine-tooth comb. Will they approve the loan? That’s where your patience kicks in and your willingness to fulfill the lender’s requests. What! they need more documentation from me??? But we’re supposed to close today!!!

Yes they may ask the buyer, the seller, the listing agent, the closing attorney, the inspectors, the appraisers or the selling agent for additional paperwork before they approve the loan. Then you say, Well I’ll just use another lender, don’t bother-it’ll be the same or it could be worse. Just comply with what the lender is asking for and be as cooperative as you can. The real estate contract does have “time is of the essence” in it.

Relax and give them what they want so you can buy your home. After all it is their money that they’re lending to you to pay for the home and the home is “THE ONE” that you chose out of all the other homes that your real estate agent showed to you. It will be worth it in the end.

I do however, fault the mortgage lending industry for the difficulties in getting financed to buy a home. If they hadn’t been too greedy and money hungry in the past when they were giving out loans to just anybody, we would not be in such a jam today.

So now there are people who are rightfully qualified to purchase a home and they practically have to bend over backwards while giving birth to their firstborn to give to the lender and at the same time getting their arms and legs broken because they want all that too. Anything else Mr. Mortgage Lender?

As I said earlier, relax, do your part, have a lot of patience and it will all be worth it in the end.


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Should I Get A Termite Inspection Before Closing On A New Home

So your real estate buyer’s agent calls you and tells you that the seller has accepted your offer on your dream home!!  Woohoo, Yippee, Hooray!!!!  Then your buyer’s agent tells you that the seller doesn’t have a termite letter and you have to pay $45 for a termite inspection. What is a termite inspection and do you really need one?

 The answer is yes. It only costs $45 for the termite inspection and it can save you a lot of money, time and trouble if you’re aware of any termite damage to the home before ownership of the home is transferred to you.

If you have a real estate agent representing you, then they can go back to the seller and re-negotiate your sales contract before you purchase the home. If the seller has not already given you anything towards repairs on the home and even sometimes if they have.

I schedule termite inspections for my home buyers as soon as our sales contract is executed. I do this first because it’s less expensive than the complete home inspection and I can give my client the information they need to decide as to  whether we should proceed with the purchase or not.

If you’re getting a loan for the home your lender will usually require a termite letter dated within 30 days of your closing. As soon as the termite inspection is performed, the buyer’s agent or the buyer should make sure the lender gets a copy of the report.

A termite bond is a contract between the property owner and a termite treatment company which addresses future termite infestations.

A re-treatment bond obligates the termite company to re-treat the property in the event of a future termite infestation.

A repair bond obligates the termite company to re-treat the property for future infestations and repair any damage caused by the termites. There is a limited dollar amount for those repairs specified in your contract/bond with the termite company.

Should you buy a home that the termite company has found to have termites or termite damage? That is mainly up to you and would depend on several factors. How bad do you want the home? The extent of the infestation and the damage? Are you comfortable with having the termite company treat and/or repair the home?

If you’re in need of a Georgia licensed Real Estate Buyer’s Agent or Seller’s Agent give me a call. 678-757-5885

If you need a reasonable termite company in the metro Atlanta GA area I can refer you to the one I use.

Wishing you good luck and happy home buying in Georgia!!